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Kandiwali - Relief Grant


About : A cylinder blast shattered lives of many and snatched several lives but the survivals still smile and are fighting the situation... yes it's about the kandivali blast that took place last week. Thousands have gone homeless, hunger, thirst and shelter are haunting. A pitiful scenario, but pity is not the solution to relieve them. Hence "Shree Vishwakarma Charitable Trust" and "Making The Difference Foundation" Came forward to offer these needy. We request all the readers to come ahead and help them. It was not their fault, Pls help.

Contact Person : Anil Vishwakarma

Mobile : 9869866137

Email :

Donor's Details
Donor Name Contact Location Ammount
Anil Vishwakarma 9869866137 Airoli, Navi Mumbai 500
Arvind Sharma 9224647380 Kurla, Mumbai 500
Dwiti Mehata 9920916535 Boriwali, Mumbai 1000
Gyani Vishwakarma 9820293511 Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai 1111
Kailash Vishwakarma 9773219571 Dahisar, Mumbai 500
Kanhaiyalal Vishwakarma 9869367267 Kalwa, Thane 500
Manjusha Shresth 9820950138 Kalwa, Thane 1000
Manoj Vishwakarma 9320750740 Bhandup, Mumbai 500
Meet Vishwakarma 9768559889 Mira Road, Thane 2000
Nandlal Vishwakarma 9819381626 Ulve, Navi Mumbai 500
Pankaj Vishwakarma 9768559889 Rabale, Navi Mumbai 500
Rajeev Ranjan Thakur 9920059591 Belapur, Navi Mumbai 500
Ramshingar Vishwakarma 9819773429 Kandiwali, Mumbai 500
Ravi Vishwakarma 9820833209 Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai 1000
Samir Pawar 9224384966 Wagle State, Thane 100
Sandeep Vishwakarma 9664186369 Mira Road 250
Sujeet Vishwakarma 9028938490 Kalyan 500
Vikas Vishwakarma 8097537913 Thane 300
Total contribution from honorable community members 11761

Sachin Shilpi

When our programmes are scheduled pl share

7/6/2017 4:05:49 AM

Anil Vishwakarma

Well done both the team... keep it continue.

1/14/2016 2:59:16 AM

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