Vishwakarma is the most important for made a ideal Vishwakarma society i am very pleasure to know that we are going to build a new society. I am proud to be a Vishwakarma.
Jitendra Vishwakarma, Binaganj, Madhya Pradesh
We are born enginers and creators ,now our position is laxking behind in the society we need to develp our community in a very fast way
Karri Ratnakumar Vishwakarma , Bangalore, Karnataka
It is a great Community with lot of talent. All talented and rich people must join together to become business man and industrialist. Till now all Vishwakarmas are working for others and helping others to become rich. We ourselves must become rich and our community must become rich, and dominant.
Rathnakara Acharya, Shirva, Karnataka
we have to together and get developed and help our religion people to their growth
Mounesh kumar, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
I think Vishwakarma community is need at this time. Because everywhere many group making their unity.
Rupesh Sharma, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh
One of the largest community in the world who has made the what it is today. They are born genius engineers, but not united. Only thing to be done is union of the community.
Dinesh Kumar Jangid, Mumbai, Maharashtra
vishwakarma samaj is one serving the society from last 1000 yrs by their work.
Ganesh, Thane, Maharashtra
Proud to be a Vishwakarma and our Samaj is a very progressive samaj in india.
Sanjay Vishwakarma, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Vishwakarma community is under progress community and have to do lots of work to develop our community.
Rinku Vishwakarma, Rourkela, Orissa
Our community have all the necessary skill but still we need to change our thought.
Arun, Mumbai, Maharashtra