Its most development organization in our Samaj and to help best human relation between man to Samaj and guide to yung boy and girl how to make a best relation all our Samaj.
Harchandra Suthar, Jalore, Rajasthan
I pride on our community, but the persons of our community are legging behind specially in the rural areas . We must encourage them morally. My father is also doing efforts for the above purpose, he is Jila Adyaksh of Baghpt district. He is trying to bind at together all the casts belonging to our community.
Krishna Pal, New Delhi, Delhi
I am great full to be a part of Vishwkarma community.
Parveen Dhiman, Kaithal, Haryana
Feeling proud being a person of Vishwakarma community.
Dr. Omprakash Sharma, Chnadrapur, Maharashtra
Time has came to get ourselves united and get education to all our children
Rajiv Kumar , Ranchi, Jharkhand
One of the artistic and intelligent community of which I am proud of.
Pranaw Sharma, Bangalore, Karnataka
Need to get our commodity very high position in society.
Deepak Sharma, Kumhari, Chattisgarh
Its a good thing... good platform for community. You are doing a good job where collecting the data from people.
Amit kumar Sutar, Solapur, Maharashtra
It is great to be part of our community, It is helpful to bring relationship among our individuals, which itself create a good bonding in all area. Sometimes it is hard to find anyone my own community in Unknown area.
Girish Kumar, Mumbai, Maharashtra
I am proud of this community because this community is actually panchal brahmins who is superior than yogi brahmins who is known as shukla, pandey, etc. In many puranas, Vishwakarma is known as a creator of shilpa shastra and he was also the second grandfather of creation. Lord Shiva was also known as Vishwakarma in Lingpurana. Lord Krishna was also specialist in shilpa shastra.
Ashutosh Jha, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh