This community has all kinds of people with diverse group still we lack recognition because of lack of awareness, unity. We all if unite will definitely make big changes in society.
Dr. Arvind Kumar, New Delhi, Delhi
This is a very big community with great background, but not united and scattered all over the country.
Bhaskar Appanna Acharya, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Vishwakarma Vanshiyo ko India Govt. Brahmin kahe to kuch baat banegi...... jo Vishwakarmiyo ke liye maan samman ki baat hogi........
Padam Prakash, Kurukshetra, Haryana
We should empower ourself so that we can lead the country for the betterment of our society.
Mewala Vishwakarma, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
So many associations are running at present time but every where there is no fruitful activities have seen so Baba Vishwakarma ki daya drishti ho . Aur ek suriddh samaj ki sthapana ho sakey isi me hum logo ki bhalai ho meri ishwar se vinti evam karvadh parthana hai ki aap sabon ko ek jut kar ek vishaal samaj ki asthapana karein.
Arun Kumar Sharma, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
A community with strong hold of 10 million, but lagging a moral,trustworthy, new aryan ideologist and a reformist to fight the myths.
Dhanasekaran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Very crucial role in development of our country society as well as whole country. But this role / importance is neglected because, we are not stant together and believe in somebody from our society who are very weak in socially and so steal his identity. I am Vishwakarma and we are politically very nonconscious. Time to wake up our society, make our society and country proud of us.
Sunil Kumar Sharma, Patna, Bihar
Proud to being a part of Vishwakarma community. But most of us think they are the only person having high knowledge and other does not have it. i.e. I know everything mentality killa our development. Another important thing, why we are not developed much in no co-operation among us. No buddy come forward to help ours while in distress.
Vijay Selvan M, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
This type of community should have active for development of our community. We should build integrate in our community. The world should note our contribution in the society. We are not backward, but we are the people with gift of god.
Haresh, Surendranagar, Gujarat
I am very much proud to be Viswakarma in this globe. I hope our Viswakarma people should come up in all fields. i too participate in future development of our community.
Manogaran, Vellore, Tamil Nadu