I feel proud of my ancestors, they work so hard to make our life more good than they lived. Today we need to b united and stand for all our brothers and sisters and make them to compete with anyone. So that we can make our peoples proud.
Subhash Vishwakarma, Sitapur , Uttar Pradesh
This community is very diligent, prosperous and prideful. Only drawback is that it is not united. The people of this community have less awakening towards the welfare of their society.
Dr. Peeyooshkant Sharma, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh
We proud over over the Vishwakarma Samaj. And we wish to grow this samaj day by day. It will be very useful to all the vishwarkarma families. We will be very grateful for your contribution.
Satya Narayan Sharma, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Vishwakarma is a heart of all over world but Vishwakarma Samaj unit is very poor, so please collect all Vishwakarma brother and make a strong Vishwakarma Samaj. Please come and make the world of Vishwakarma.
Pawan Vishwakarma, Giridih, Jharkhand
Its good, we need to take certain measures for the upliftment of our community, so that we can walk toe to toe with other communities.
Shivshankar Sharma, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
Viswabrahmins are high class brahmins right from the vedic period but today we have very worst practices. We have lost all veda, sastra, rituals and practices. More changes need to be done for lifting our community.
R.R. Vinayagamoorthy Achari, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
We are strong but less in numbers. So we have to unite and do something beneficial for each other.
Mohit Prakash, Patna, Bihar
No one recognize us, because we are not united together, once upon a time only one Vishwakarma family has lived in a village and served whole of the villager. But now we have population with education post. Now time comes to know each other and try to boost up to those family who does not know about themselves and help and educate their family children as per our capacity (monetary, educationally or spending some time with him). Keep big thought don't be shayee & poor.
N. L. Vishwakarma, Nagpur, Maharashtra
World is designed and build by Vishwakarma, similarly I stand for Vishwakarma.
Alok Kumar Sharma, Patna, Bihar
It is the most intelligent and technical strong society. It has not occupied the place which it really deserved. Most of the member is hidden due to undefined title so Vishwakarma little should be used.
Ganesh Kumar, Chandigarh, Chandigarh