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Medical Emergency - Rohan Sharma

Our community member master Rohan Sharma suffering from & spinal cord tumor for monitory help as they have no enough money to treat their child. Master Rohan Sharma is admitted in & Bombay Hospital Trust Marine Lines, Mumbai, Nero Ward, 5th Floor, Bed No. 5069. We have in association with our esteem community member raised the fund for him and donated a small amount with our good wishes. We are very much thankful to our community member who given their support and come forward toward community helps.
Bombay Hospital Trust Marine Lines, Mumbai.
Contact Person:
Ramavadh Vishwakarma
Mobile Number:
Donor's List
No. Name Of Donor Contact No. Location Amount
1 Sheo Kumar Sharma 09431267915 Munger, Bihar ₹ 1000
2 Ajay Sharma 09833640145 Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai ₹ 500
3 Krishna Prasad Vishwakarma 08652681157 Kurla, Mumbai ₹ 500
4 Bharat Vishwakarma 09867452525 Santacruz, Mumbai ₹ 1000
5 Kailash Vishwakarma 09773219571 Dahisar, Mumbai ₹ 1000
6 Nandlal Vishwakarma 09322314503 Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai ₹ 500
7 Ashok Kumar 09004399959 Juinagar, Navi Mumbai ₹ 500
8 Pradeep Lal Thakur 09654773265 New Delhi ₹ 1000
9 Raman Sharma 09807908892 Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh ₹ 1000
10 Rajat Sharma (Bullu ji) 09664111063 Chembur, Mumbai ₹ 1000
11 Ravi Vishwakarma 09820833209 Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai ₹ 500
12 Anil Vishwakarma 09869866137 Airoli, Navi Mumbai ₹ 500
13 Dr. K.K. Vishwakarma 09769423858 Andheri, Mumbai ₹ 1000
14 Shree Vishwakarma Charitable Trust 09869866137 Navi Mumbai ₹ 5000
Total contribution from honorable community members 15000
Anil Vishwakarma
3/17/2015 9:29:20 AM
Kafi mehnat ke baad ye mukaam hasil huaa hai... Thanks to team :)
Admin Vishwakarma
3/15/2015 5:44:30 AM
This is kind of very good start to help the needy peoples of Vishwakarma Samaj.
Ashok Kumar
3/15/2015 8:50:00 AM
Good.. one mile stone in our path.
Nandlal Vishwakarma
3/15/2015 11:13:51 PM
This is start step for this kind of service realy awasome
Sachin Shilpi
7/6/2017 4:01:47 AM
Hello to all members.i
Ramashankar Vishwakarma
10/17/2015 3:06:56 AM
best of luck ...........
Vijay Vishwakarma
12/24/2017 3:07:06 AM
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